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DIY research or will marketing research survive next crisis?

Certainly yes, but different research will result from it than how we know it and feel today. Already today we see how research methods created about 20 years ago cease function or client research lose interest for them – they can´t reflect changes, witch society and consumer walked and got through permanently.

Nevertheless it isn´t the biggest problem of marketing research. The biggest problem consist in demand of corporate top managers  that research inside companies fulfilled new role – consulting and mainly business. Nobody is interested in data today, everybody wants certain suggestions and personal responsibility for functioning suggestions……. We understand this demands and we accept them. But on the other hand there is so called . „cost cutting“ and pressure on the lowest costs for research. Pressure which leads agencies to offer their services often only for costs, because they have capacity call centers and networks which aren´t fully occupied and had been built in the time of opulence  before crisis.

So – my question is: Is it really possible to assume, that a quality could be purchased cheaply? That researchers could be paid only for bare costs? Experts, who have so much experience, that they  can formulate recommendations  and who are so brave that they can take personal responsibility? The answer is simple-  they couldn´t be hired cheaply. Therefore research agencies will face a very thorny path – even now they have to leave established models that have been functioning in long term., They have to create new methodology, they must be able to use social media and virtual space. These all things depend on PEOPLE, on their expertise, personal skills and moral attributes. Educating an expert, who can really create so called Market  Intelligence, is a process, which takes 5 years at least. And it may be possible to collect data for bare costs,  but not to bring up an expert.

Therefore I wish good luck to everybody, who will not only survive this breakthrough season  and who will additionally converted it to new opportunities and will help new brands and projects to be successful.

I personally firmly hope and believe , that DIY tools for research, which are available on internet, will remain only a toy.

 Lenka Mynářová