• 1991 The name Datamar originated in 1991 as a combination of words Data and Marketing. It expressed what we were doing as a first out of a whole range of activities - marketing analyses and research.


  • 1996 Since 1996 we have been a member of ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research), - a company which associates research agencies (4,000 members) in over 100 countries globally


  • 1998 Until 1998 all activities were carried out under the name „Datamar". Thanks to the expansion of our activities the company Data Servis - Informace s.r.o. was established in 1998, which specializes in the field of On Trade marketing www.data-servis.eu


  • 2001 As the key area of today’s society is education - in 2001 Leonardo Academy s.r.o. was founded.


  • 2002 In 2002 the company DATASOFT - Informační systémy s.r.o. was established, which covers IT services and the implementation of CRM systems. Since 2008 it has been using the name D3Soft s.r.o. - www.d3soft.cz.


  • 2006 Thanks to the development of our activities abroad we established the company Datamar International s.r.o. in 2006.


  • At present At present we have our representation in these countries: CR, SR, PL