D - Brand

A comprehensive tool for measuring the brand's value. It consists of 4 dimensions - brand awareness, emotional evaluation of the brand, rational evaluation of the brand and brand preference. The resulting brand value index can be monitored in time or compared with competition.

A tracking study enables to monitor the main indicators in time - awareness, penetration, trial in the last period, most often used brand, best brand, etc. A tracking study is carried out in time intervals and is used to monitor the life cycle of the brand and its development.

 Is a comprehensive view of the brand in all its context.   It answers questions like e.g. "How does the brand support business, how efficient is it in the competitive field, what are the brand's key problems and how to manage the brand further".

The analysis focuses on what makes the brand's excellence and what is necessary to be developed and further built. So called "prints of the brand" analysis is also a part - i.e. the print of the brand in consumers´ minds. WOM - so called word of mouth is an important aspect.

We often expect our target groups to understand as well as we do the terms which we want to use communication. However in most cases it is not like this. The aim of this analysis is to bring a new quality of understanding on how customers perceive key messages. An analysis of semantic network of target groups is a part of the analysis.