CAWI - Computer assisted web interview


An indirect method of data collection through our panel of respondents - the participants fill in the questionnaires themselves through an online application on the internet.

Advantages for you:

  • the on-line panel of the company Datamar is a comprehensive representative sample of respondents / internet users.
  • the on-line panel is continuously improved as to the size and quality of acquired information.  
  • the panel is used ONLY as a panel for internet research, it is not used for any other marketing purposes.
  • to ensure maximum representativeness, the panel is checked continuously as to the duplicity of data and verifying the respondent's identity.
  • the recruitment into the ON-LINE panel is made through several channels. Through this system a sufficient diversification is ensured.
    • the key channel is non-internet research - through F2F questioning of our questioners, through CATI questioning in our own call centre. With these channels a 100% verification of the respondent is possible.
    • additionally internet channels are used - mainly snow ball (recommendation). In this case the respondent's identity is verified.