Is the Czech Republic the „nano superman”?

Wednesday, June 1, 2016 - 20:45

Is the Czech Republic the „nano superman”? Technology that erases facial wrinkles


In the last 10 years the Czech Republic has become one of the biggest powers in nanotechnology. “The principal change is that nanotechnology is shifting from the research and testing field to real products,” stated Jiří Kůs, chairman of the Nano Association of Czech Republic.


Approximately 40 Czech companies are currently dealing with nanotechnology in various fields, starting with the textile industry, where functional clothing with nano silver or bed linen with nano cotton for allergic people is made, over to air and water filtration applications or biomedicine and power engineering.


Two revolutionary releases were presented at Nano Day

At the Prague Nano Day event on Saturday, two new releases were introduced. One of them was a luxurious car that is adjusted thanks to nano technologies and the other release was a nano cosmetics mask that erases under eye wrinkles in just 30 minutes. “We found out that the nanofibrous membrane has crucial effects on the skin and its appearance. The results from a clinical study proved that up to 75% of wrinkles were reduced, even the deep ones”, said Lenka Mynářová from NAFIGATE Cosmetics.